The Commonwealth Veterans Awards coming in 2021!!

We are extremely proud to announce that the Veterans Awards team have been asked to work in Partnership with Terrestres Servo Coronas – TSC on the Commonwealth Veterans Awards that will take place in Canada 2021!

Rewarding Military Veterans from our Commonwealth Nations that have gone above and beyond after transition from the Armed Forces.

The Commonwealth of Nations is comprised of 53 countries, each with their unique cultures and histories, who have come together for the common good. The Nations represents the single largest group of individuals on Earth comprising approximately one third of global population. It has member nations in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Antarctica has the British Antarctic Territory

The Commonwealth Veterans Awards will launch in Canada and take place in Multiple Commonwealth Nations going forward!

As progress develops we shall keep you updated on Location, Venue and Application procedure, watch this space for the new website launch!

Positivity Breeds Positivity!

Meet the Board!


Sean Molino BCA

Sean spent 6 years with 1st Battalion Welsh Guards, serving as a PTI and one year with the reserves.

Sean holds the positions of Managing Director of Forces Fitness Ltd, Founder of the Veterans Awards CIC and is also an ambassador for the Welsh Governments Big Ideas Wales program. This program is aimed to encourage young adults aged between 16-25 to think of the option of self employment!

” I am generally a positive person and definitely believe in keeping a positive outlook and mind-set. I wanted to reward our Military Veterans that are going above and beyond and those companies that support us by promoting all the positives that are happening within our community through our social media sites! I’m a firm believer in Positivity breeding positivity!”

“I see our Shortlisted Finalists and award winners as role models for our future service leavers and In some cases even mentors! ”

” The social media sites and awards evenings have been great for networking and I’ve had so much feedback from attendees who are now working with each other on future projects!”

“I don’t want our awards to just about the winners, I see our award evenings as nights to celebrate the success of all our veterans on Civvy Street and the feel of the awards ceremonies In Wales and England this year was exactly that!”

“I am extremely proud to have set this up as a fully not for profit from 2020 and bring on a great board of directors who work in a voluntary capacity. These directors ensure that the money raised over our costs gets invested back into projects/ programs that will aid our veterans who need it and also support those charities that support us. We had an amazing 2019 and I can’t wait to kick the year off with Scotland 2020, huge thanks to everyone who has supported us this year and to those who have already committed to supporting us during 2020! ”

” Let’s spread the positive messages from within our Veteran Community together, our awards are your awards!”

Our vision has always been to turn the Veterans Awards into a Not for Profit CIC so that money generated can be re- invested back Into our Veteran Community & I’m pleased to say from April 2020 we have a Voluntary Board of Directors to decide how the money will be allocated and to make those all important decisions regarding the Veterans Awards.

Bev Garside

“I have supported the charity sector through my business since 2001 & have held unpaid governances role on a variety of charities over the years.

Through LinkedIn, I connected with a large number of Armed Forces personnel including those who are currently serving, service leavers & veterans. I am always impressed with the resourcefulness, resilience & compassion they demonstrate.

In my spare time I love endurance challenges as a means of fundraising for charity & the ABF Soldiers Charity keep me busy with these.

Through my friendship with Sean Molino & Forces Fitness I became involved in the Welsh Veterans Awards, sponsoring the Community Award.

My company, Empower Support for the Voluntary Sector is an Armed Forces Covenant Silver Award holder.

I am extremely excited about joining the board of the Veterans Awards CIC”

Mr Scott Johnson

Scott is a former Royal Engineer having spent most of his 8 years service in EOD.

Having left the military in 2004 Scott went to work in the manufacturing industry and progressed from the shop floor to senior management going on to run several businesses.

Scott now runs Veteran Owned UK which is the UK’s largest community of amazing businesses owned by serving members of the armed forces, veterans or their spouses.

” I am very passionate about promoting the positive achievements of the armed forces community especially within business and it’s a great privilege to have been asked to become a Voluntary board member for the Veterans Awards CIC, I am certainly looking forward to hearing the Inspiring stories and working with the other board members to promote the positives within our veteran Community”

Mr Michael Punter

Michael Punter has always been a supporter of our Armed Forces.

One Grandfather serving in the British Army reaching the rank of corporal and his other Grandfather served within the RAF, this later encouraged his cousin to join and serve within the RAF and she is still serving to this day!

He is currently the Chairman of Brackla RFC and runs a number of successful businesses from property development to Landscaping.

Mike was awarded the Bridgend Mayor’s Award for services to the community in 2019 and will be a huge asset on our board of directors. We feel a balance of Military Veterans and Civilians who support us is key for us to drive our Not for profit forward.

“I am extremely proud of our Armed Forces personnel and understand the sacrifices they make for our Queen and country. It’s a true honour to be appointed on the Board of directors in a voluntary capacity for the veterans Awards, as Veterans have given so much for our country and I am happy to help and assist where I can. I am always keen to be involved in community groups with a focus on community and commitment to help others deliver their own passion for a project”

Mr Paul Borrow-Longain, KR

We would like to welcome Mr Paul Borrow-Longain, KR  to our Inspirational Board of the Veterans Awards CIC

Paul Borrow-Longain, KR, is a British based businessman and philanthropist having setup TERRESTRES SERVO CORONAS   in 2016. While never servings in the Armed Forces due to an accident when he was 18, Paul has a long history of supporting the Armed Forces community since he was 13. Initially as a Royal Air Force Air Cadet, then volunteer committee member of the Atlantic Wing of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association, and currently a committee member (and donor) of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, to name but a few. Paul is a proud Englishman and believes in the importance of supporting HM Armed Forces, the cadet organisations, veterans organisations, and empowering Armed Forces leavers fo bring their considerable talents, dedication, and work ethic to the public and private sectors.”

Veterans Employment & Training Solutions (V.E.T.S) Main Sponsors for the Veterans Awards 2020


We are extremely proud to announce that  Veterans Employment & Training Solutions (V.E.T.S) will become our Veterans Awards Main Sponsor for 2020!

Veterans Employment & Training Solutions (V.E.T.S) is very proud to be part of the Veterans Awards as Paul Lewis, The Managing Director is a Veteran himself and he has been in recruitment for 9 years and is an ex-army sergeant serving for over 20 years.  Although his business is recruitment of ex-forces into employment when they have left the armed forces, he believes that there is not enough support out there for our veterans and these awards shows recognition to them all in many ways.

Veterans Employment & Training Solutions provide a bespoke specialized recruitment solution for employers looking to recruitment ex-forces personnel either straight from the armed forces or with commercial experience.  We also offer a unique candidate registration data base, where that the candidate can register with V.E.T.S and have their very own profile, which they can maintain at any time and be alerted with job alerts to industry information.

V.E.T.S also offer a training solution package for either Candidate or Employer, who are looking to training in areas of Driver Training, Transport Management and Work Place Training at a discounted price to any Veteran or Companies that are looking to send their employed veterans.  Also in 2020, we are looking to expand our courses range.

Regardless of the duration of your military service (whether you were a “lifer” or had a relatively short stint of duty serving), transitioning into the civilian workforce upon your separation is never quite as simple or as straightforward a process as it appears to be on the surface

Not only is life in the civilian world a dramatic shift away from the regimented, disciplined, and structured world of the military, finding the right opportunity to leverage the skills and experience you generated while serving – and turning it into a lucrative career – can also be a bit of an uphill battle.

For decades now, though, we here at Veterans Employment & Training Solutions (V.E.T.S) have been helping to connect veterans with businesses and job openings that can become lucrative careers, as well as businesses with veteran employees that bring a perspective, discipline, and unique skill set to the table that traditional civilians can’t.

For more information check out –

Welcome to Pathfinder our Media Partner for 2020

Exciting News for all involved with the Veterans Awards – We are so pleased to welcome Pathfinder International Magazine as our Official media Partner for the 2020 Veterans Awards.

We are really looking forward to working with Malcolm Robinson and his team to promote the Positives that are coming from within our Veteran Community and those companies that go above and beyond to support and recruit from us!

Please read the blog here for more information-

Welcome to our Welsh & English Veterans Awards Champions

What an amazing 2019 We’ve had celebrating the success of our Military Veteran community in England and Wales, so many inspiring stories , people and amazing businesses that have supported us!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our Awards and of course all those who were nominated and attended our Award Ceremonies!

Remember the Veterans Awards are here to spread the positive messages from our Veteran community and if you need something circulated that will benefit us please do send it in to our team!

Here’s an Introduction to our Two Amazing Veterans Awards Champions –


Well done to Barry John MBE from The VC Gallery who has become out first Welsh Veterans Awards Champion sponsored by TASC Holdings Ltd!

“Just being at the very first Welsh Veterans awards was very special, to be nominated by my peers and the public in two categories even more special but then to win both and also become the Welsh Veterans champion on the evening was such an honour.

All nominees have done so much in their respective areas of Wales for the community and especially Veterans and it was because of this recognition the awards are unique.

I would like to thank everyone who is making a difference in Wales, the staff at the VC Gallery and everyone that believed in my vision, to Sean and his team for showing veterans in a positive light and to everyone who was nominated in all the categories in what was the first ever Welsh Veterans Awards and I know it will become a big event in the calendar for many years to come.

Thank you”

Barry John MBE
The VC Gallery

We caught up with the amazing Ken Hames MBE, former SAS Officer who became our English Veterans Awards Inspiration of the year (Sponsored by Ridge steel) and overall English Veterans Awards Champion (Sponsored by Barratt Homes) here’s what he had to say-

I would like to say what an honour it is to receive the award of Veteran’s Award Champion. It came as an unexpected surprise to be nominated and an even greater one to win my category and the overall award. I apologise for my absence which was unavoidable but hope that everybody enjoyed the spectacle.

In a real sense this and the other awards are for all veterans, who are out there everyday helping those that are less fortunate, or who are suffering from mental health challenges. We also need to be mindful of those working in difficult circumstances with little recognition. They all deserve our support.

A lot has been achieved but there is still much to do. I encourage everybody to try and work together and share the burden while seeking new ways to help our boys and girls who do not necessarily get as much assistance or publicity as they should do.

A big shout out to the Veterans Awards Scheme that has gone to enormous lengths to promote and publicise the hard work and dedication of all veterans.

Thank you

Kenneth Hames MBE
English Veteran’s Award Champion


Welcome to our English Veterans Awards Winners!

We would like to thank everyone who attended this years English Veterans Awards, held at the Mercure Holland House Bristol on 25th September 2019. The Awards were sponsored by Barratt Developments and in Support of The ABF The Soldiers’ Charity!

Well done to everyone who were shortlisted as finalists, we had a huge amount of applications and the shortlisting process was extremely difficult. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who put forward nominations, you are all doing amazing things in your relevant fields and you should be so proud of your achievements!

A huge thanks to the Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant, Mrs Peaches Golding OBE and Brigadier M P Christie OBE. The Brigadier kindly spoke at our Awards evening. Thank you to the fantastic Support given by the Corps of Drums of the Royal Welsh, Shenkin IV the Goat Major and of course the Troops from the Household Division.

We are so thankful to all our supporters, volunteers and sponsors who helped put this together!

The highlight of the night saw former Special Forces Major Ken Hames MBE win the Inspiration of the Year Award and become our Very First English Veterans Awards Champion!

During the night £2,000 was raised for the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and £270 for the Welsh Guards Charity! This means that a fantastic £4,000 has been raised in total for the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and £470 for the Welsh Guards Charity so far this year!

Remember we are here to help and support all Veterans that are doing great things, please get in touch if you have any news or projects your working on that benefit our community and we can arrange a post via social media!

We want to Inspire our future service leavers that great things can happen. Its you who will act as role models and in some cases mentors, remember Positivity breeds Positivity.

Inspiration of the Year Award – Sponsored by Ridge Steel

  • Major Ken Hames MBE    -Community Self Build Agency – Gold

  • Anthony Lock                    -Author Broken by War – Silver

  • Martin Diver                      -Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust – Bronze


Role Model of the Year – Sponsored by Print Inc 

  • Samuel T Reddy    – Tri Exforces ltd – Gold

  • Duncan Smith        – TFL Training/ Pegasus Awards CIC – Silver

  • Martin Hunt           – MPCT – Bronze


The Community Award- Sponsored by Royal Educare

  • Terry Morley                       – Groundwork MSST – Gold

  • Darren Horsnell                   – Veterans in Communities – Silver

  • Brian Richardson MBE       – MPCT – Bronze


Contribution to the English Fitness Industry and Society 

  • Cain Leathem           –  GB Fitness – Gold

  • James Boardman     –  The Dad Coach – Silver

  • Robbie Harris           – Gymit – Bronze


Entrepreneur of the Year- Sponsored by Hugh James Solicitors

  • Sandra Murphy     –  Equidiet UK Ltd – Gold

  • Richard Gwilliam  –  Geollect Ltd – Silver

  • Steve Thornton      – Forces Cars Direct Ltd – Bronze


David Wilson Homes Logo

Lifetime Achievement – Sponsored by David Wilson Homes

  • Dave Beresford      -Weston College – Gold

  • John Scivier            -Veterans Outreach Support- Silver

  • Robert Ferguson   – Royal Marines Association – Bronze

Employer of the Year- Sponsored by 360 Well- being

  • Company X Consulting Ltd – Gold

  • Services to Film – Silver

  • FM Conway – Weston College – Bronze


Business Leader of the Year- Sponsored by Venture Risks Ltd

  • Richard Gwilliam   – Geollect Ltd – Gold

  • Samuel T Reddy    – Tri Exforces ltd – Silver

  • Steve Thornton      – Forces Cars Direct Ltd – Bronze

Volunteer of the Year – Sponsored by Terrestres Servo Coronas

  • Tim Evers BCA               – Sapper Support – Gold

  • Mr Alan Thomas MBE  – SSAFA – Silver

  • Jeff Williams                  – Veterans United Against Suicide – Bronze

  • Elizabeth Davies            – Veterans in Communities – Bronze

Veterans Business of the Year Award –

  • Forces Cars Direct – Gold

  • Company X Consulting Ltd – Silver

  • Ravenwood Locksmiths Ltd – Bronze

Barratt Homes Logo

Contribution to English Sport & Society- Sponsored by  Barratt Homes – Honorary Award,

Mr Terry Brazier

Terry served with the Irish Guards joining in 2008 before transferring to the Fantastic Guards Parachute Platoon attached to the 3rd battalion parachute regiment.  Shortly after his tour of Afghanistan Op Herric 13.  He Started training in Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ) As an amateur he had a fantastic career and won Multiple titles in various weight categories. He made his professional debut late 2015 and since then has been working his way up the ranks winning several World titles on the biggest shows in Europe, now fighting on one of the biggest shows in the world “Bellator” and making a statement climbing to the top to be the best in the world .

Brigadier Mark P Christie OBE – To Open The English Veterans Awards 2019


We are extremely proud to announce that Brigadier Mark P Christie OBE will be attending to talk at the English Veterans Awards.

Brigadier Christie was born in 1965 in Aldershot, Hampshire, the son of a serving Army Officer. He was educated at St John’s Beaumont and then Douai school and from there, following a gap year, he entered RMAS firstly onto Rowallan Company and then onto SMC 872 and was commissioned into the Parachute Regiment in 1987.

He completed his initial Platoon Command tour in 1 PARA (1988-89), and followed this with a tour as a Recruit Platoon Commander at Depot PARA (1990-91). From Depot PARA he became ADC to GOC 1st (UK) Armd Div in Germany in 1992, followed by a tour as a Captain Instructor on the Platoon Commanders’ Battle Course and then Officer Commanding Sniper Division, both at the School of Infantry in Warminster. He returned to Regimental Duty as Adjutant 2 PARA in 1994 before becoming OC Bruneval (Patrols) Company and then Battalion Surveillance Officer on promotion to Major.

He attended ACSC1 in 1997 before becoming SO2 G3 Trg/EPS in HQ ARRC for his initial staff appointment, switching to SO2 G3 Ops as the HQ deployed to Kosovo/Macedonia in 1999. After his staff appointment he returned again to 2 PARA as OC D Company in 2000 and then moved to 3 PARA in 2003 as Battalion 2i/c.

On promotion to Lt Col he left 3 PARA and moved for a year to become SO1 J7 Trg at PJHQ before assuming command of 1 PARA in 2005. During his command tour he took 1 PARA into the SFSG role the following year and then left in 2007 to become an Instructor on ACSC and then SO1 Campaigning at the JSCSC.

From there he moved to HQ ISAF in Kabul as an acting Colonel to become Director Combined Joint Operations Centre for nine months before assuming the appointment of AD WARDEV in the LWDG in Apr 2010.

He was posted from there to Kenya as Commander BATUK in March 2012 for two years before returning to France as ACOS Ops in the French Rapid Reaction Corps for a year.

From there he was selected for promotion and as Defence Advisor to Kenya in February 2015 and he moved to assume this appointment in October following DA training.

Brigadier Christie has operational experience in Northern Ireland (1988-2005), Kosovo (1999), Macedonia (2001), Iraq (2003, 2006-7) and Afghanistan (2002, 2006-7, 200910).

He was awarded the MBE in 2002 for operational service as OC D Coy 2 PARA in Afghanistan and the OBE in 2007 as CO 1 PARA for SFSG implementation.

He has the following qualifications: PSC (J) +, MA Def Tech, Military Parachutist (UK, US and GE), Sniper, Sniper Instructor, JLLRP and WPC Commander.

He has been married to Clair, a qualified and practising Emergency Nurse Practitioner, since 1990 and has four children, two sets of twins, boys aged 22 and girls aged 19.

He is a fanatical but now largely aspirational rugby player, a reasonably good runner and very keen amateur archaeologist.

Meet the Judges at the English Veterans Awards

Peter Bates OBE – Regional Director ABF The Soldiers’ Charity

Peter Bates was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1979 and served the majority of his regimental career in the Airborne and Commando brigades, serving on operational tours during Op Corporate (the Falklands War), in Northern Ireland, the jungle, Bosnia and Iraq. In addition to Regimental duty he has been Chief of Staff of the UK Artillery Brigade and held many staff appointments, with the majority being in training and procurement environments. He has a BSc and MA and was appointed an OBE in the 2008 New Years Honours list.

In 2013, Col Bates left the army early and spent two years as Business Development Director at a group of schools in Bath, raising over £1.3Million in under two years. Despite the success this was short-lived incursion into the education sector and from September 2014 he worked as an army reservist virtually full time, coordinating and delivering all Ten Tors activity for three years. After relinquishing that role he worked as part of the Military Civil Integration Team on behalf of the Comd HQ SW before accepting his new job with  the Soldiers’ Charity, which is a vital, time-consuming and demanding appointment.  ABF The Soldiers’ Charity is the National Charity of the British Army. The Soldiers’ Charity began in 1944 as the Army Benevolent Fund and rebranded in 2010 to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. With help from the public we support soldiers, veterans and their families who need our help, either by supporting individuals directly or through our partner delivery charities



Nick Wilson Co-founder of 360Wellbeing

A Mental Health support company providing a better understanding of Mental Health to the workplace, and founder of First Step Forward CIC, who provides Mental Health guidance and training to Veterans and Partners of Military service personnel. With an aim to empower individuals, to better manage their own symptoms and lives, whilst awaiting professional support.

Nick is also a Veteran, serving 14 years in the Army and deploying on multiple extremely demanding operations around the world. This is followed by eight successful years in business to date, which includes building a highly successful £1/4million Chauffeur company in his first two years in business.

Therefore, Nick is very aware of what it takes to transition from the military into society and further still into business, especially for those with additional struggles such as physical or mental injuries, with Nick himself managing Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a debilitating spinal injury. He sees this as an opportunity to “Give back” to his comrades in arms, to celebrate them all, with every one of them being winners and heroes, and to say thank you to the employers who take the time to see the value in them.

Alex Williams and Victoria Beacham  Founders at Royal Educare.

Alex oversees the business development and the recruitment department, where Victoria manages the finance, back office and company accounts. We decided to be sponsors at this year’s English Veterans awards due to being a family of Military background, we understand the transition from Military life to Civvy Street can be difficult. We wanted to give recognition to those Veterans that have not only achieved and succeeded the transition but have gone on to achieve great things in their life. It’s a privilege to be part of such a rewarding event.



Nia –  Wyn Evans, Solicitor at Hugh James Cardiff

I am a solicitor at Hugh James, Cardiff. I work within the military team  representing military and ex-military servicemen and women.
Whilst speaking to military and ex-military personnel on a daily basis I am all too familiar with the difficulties veterans can face when leaving service.  I wanted to join the judging panel for the Veteran Awards to celebrate veterans who have made a successful transition from military to civilian life, whilst also assisting veterans who have faced difficulties when returning to civilian life as part of my role as a solicitor


English Veterans Awards Shortlisted Finalists Filming day at Clifton Observatory!

August 14th saw the Production Company Leek and Potato film our amazing shortlisted finalists over looking the Iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge and filmed at Clifton Observatory!

It was a true honour for our team to meet our shortlisted Finalists for the English Veterans Awards in support of the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity South West.  During the morning the all shortlisted nominees were issued with their finalist certificates by the Awards founder Mr Sean Molino BCA.

All our team can’t wait to hear about your inspiring journeys on the evening itself!

Huge thanks to all the amazing team at Clifton observatory for facilitating the filming and the fantastic production company Leek and Potato Productions.

All our team are so excited to celebrate your success!

Remember it’s you who act as role models for future service leavers!

Keep an eye out for the finalist videos that will hit your screens during September!

Welcome to our English Veterans Awards Finalists 2019!

The Veterans Awards are proud to announce our shortlisted Finalists for this years English Veterans Awards, due to be held at the Mercure Bristol Holland House on 25th  September 2019. Sponsored by Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes and in Support of The ABF The Soldiers’ Charity!

Well done to everyone who has been shortlisted as finalists. We had 100’s of applications and the shortlisting process was extremely difficult. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who put forward nominations.

We want to Inspire our future service leavers that great things can happen. Its you who will act as role models and in some cases mentors, remember Positivity breeds Positivity.

Our Finalists are :


Inspiration of the Year Award – Sponsored by Ridge Steel


  • Leon Stokes                        -Pals Battalion CIC
  • Anthony Lock                    -Author Broken by War
  • Edward Preen
  • Major Ken Hames MBE    -Community Self Build Agency
  • Andrew Phelps                  -1st Stoke Gifford Scouts
  • Martin Diver                      -Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Role Model of the Year – Sponsored by Print Inc 

Print Inc Logo

  • Martin Hunt           – MPCT
  • David Powell          – NHS TILS Midlands and East Veterans Service
  • Samuel T Reddy    – Tri Exforces ltd
  • Duncan Smith        – TFL Training/ Pegasus Awards CIC
  • Steve Butterworth – Veterans in Communities
  • Lyndsey Khan       – Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The Community Award- Sponsored by Royal Educare

  • Brian Richardson MBE       – MPCT
  • Tony Wright                        – Forward Assist
  • Richard Dolan                     – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  • Terry Morley                       – Groundwork MSST
  • Darren Horsnell                   – Veterans in Communities
  • Bryan Stacey                       – Community Mentoring and Support CIC
  • Dave Smith                          – Veterans in Sefton Service

Contribution to the English Fitness Industry and Society 


  • James Boardman     –  The Dad Coach
  • Tom Blackwood       –  Forces Fit
  • Cain Leathem           –  GB Fitness
  • Robbie Harris           – Gymit

Entrepreneur of the Year- Sponsored by Hugh James Solicitors

  • Richard Gwilliam  –  Geollect Ltd
  • Sandra Murphy     –  Equidiet UK Ltd
  • Lian Kirton             – K9 Pet Services
  • Steve Thornton      – Forces Cars Direct Ltd

Lifetime Achievement – Sponsored by David Wilson Homes

David Wilson Homes Logo

  • John Scivier            -Veterans Outreach Support
  • Neil Shuttleworth
  • Dave Beresford      -Weston College
  • Cain Leathem        – GB Fitness
  • Robert Ferguson   – Royal Marines Association

Employer of the Year- Sponsored by 360 Well- being

  • Weston College
  • Company X Consulting Ltd
  • Services to Film
  • FM Conway

Business Leader of the Year- Sponsored by Venture Risks Ltd

  • Steve Thornton      – Forces Cars Direct Ltd
  • Samuel T Reddy    – Tri Exforces ltd
  • Richard Gwilliam   – Geollect Ltd

Volunteer of the Year – Sponsored by Terrestres Servo Coronas

  • Mr Terry Whitty             – Royal Naval Association
  • Mr Alan Thomas MBE  – SSAFA
  • Elizabeth Davies            – Veterans in Communities
  • Ian Robinson                  – Type 42 HMS Birmingham Association
  • Tim Evers BCA               – Sapper Support
  • Jeff Williams                  – Veterans United Against Suicide

Veterans Business of the Year Award – Sponsored by  The Sandbag Times and Team Dynamics Motor Sport

SBC Dynamics Logo

  • Forces Cars Direct
  • Ruff Walkers
  • Ravenwood Locksmiths Ltd
  • Redcoat apparel
  • Company X Consulting Ltd

Contribution to English Sport & Society- Sponsored by  Barratt Homes – Honorary Award, Delivered to a Very Special Sports Person who has achieved some fantastic things whilst serving and also upon leaving the Military competing at a professional level .

Barratt Homes Logo

The Winners will be chosen by our independent Judging Panel who’s names will be released over the coming weeks.

Our Shortlisted  finalists will be filmed in Bristol on August 14th, these  Videos will then be used on our extensive media campaign and will also be played on the evening itself!

All our Shortlisted Finalists will have the opportunity to purchase tickets between 6th August – 13th August. If we have any remaining tickets left they will then go on sale to the General public.

For more details please get in touch via our Contact US page!